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Exclusive, Focused, PRIVATE Coaching in a Virtual Setting
Group limited to 8 Members

Have a BIG Vision or Goal?
This is YOUR time to make it happen!

Did 2020 shake you up and make you think about where you are in your life? Did you get a dose of inspiration, or a cosmic “hit” that it’s time to step up in a big way and go after your BIG goals? That’s awesome, so now what? Going BIG can feel intimidating and overwhelming, right?

Would you like to have the personal guidance, support, and accountability you need to accomplish your biggest goals and take a quantum leap in your life to an exciting new level of success, abundance, balance, prosperity and freedom?

I have a very special offer for 8 highly motivated people who are ready to dedicate themselves to taking their life to a whole new stage ― willing to invest your time, energy, resources and motivation toward your dreams and take inspired action toward your biggest most badass goals. Goals that inspire you and will require you to grow to get there.

If you’ve found yourself searching, contemplating what’s next, making the decision to improve your quality of life this year…here is a special opportunity just for you.

If you are ready to take a big step forward and willing to go all in, I want to help you get there. As your personal coach and guide, this means you’ll have accountability, private MasterMind coaching and will learn how to train your brain for success. Everything you need for rapid results, quicker than you ever imaged you could get there! 

If you can dream it — you CAN make it happen.

Get the support you need to create rapid results, achieve your goals and dreams.
Feel inspired by your work and SUCCESSFUL.

When you have big goals…it’s no secret that FEAR can step in your path.

It can be scary and feel overwhelming to get there (or even start) alone.  

Have you ever noticed, the bigger the goals you set, more obstacles show up?

When the goal is BIG, everything seems bigger — on the path to reaching it. There’s more risk, and more reward when you get there. There’s nothing like it!

Lori Hanson Headshot

With big goals come many unknowns and the need for resources, skills and tools you don’t have, and it can feel daunting to step forward on your own.

This is why having experience, a trusted advisor and guide on your side is so powerful. Someone leading the way who has done big things before, who has access to resources that compliment your journey.

I love helping people see, feel, define and create their most ambitious goals and dreams. There is simply no feeling like having a hand in helping someone walk through the transformational process of reaching a Badass Goal.

I was so fortunate to find Jack Canfield (co-author of Chicken Book series) in ’96 before he hit the big time. I learned about goal setting, mindset, and attitude early in my sales career. And so much of what I’ve accomplished is rooted in what I learned over the past 30 years. Here’s just a few of the things I’ve accomplished:

• Written 5 award-winning books

• Created an international brand focused on mindset and success

• Consulted with clients to create their business model, marketing plans, revenue projections, launch their own businesses and exceed their goals out of the gate

• Coached with Executives, Business Owners and talented professionals to improve their voice, create better working relationships (manage up) and reach personal and professional goals

• Rebuilt my life after losing everything (including my home) attempting to start my business. Paid off $150k of debt in two years, built a new home, then set a goal to double my income and did it in two years

• Am a sought-after expert on mindset and success as a speaker and coach

• Helped thousands of people set and reach goals, improve self-esteem and confidence, improve their quality of life to enjoy more abundance, balance, better health and fulfillment in their lives

So now it’s your turn…
What is your BIG—I’ve got to do this—goal?

I’m ready to help you turn those wishes into dreams and watch those dreams become your amazing reality. It’s much closer than you think.

I’ll help YOU bring it to life.

I’ve spent years studying people, researching the mind, motivation, goal setting and more. From a young age I was intrigued by sports and how the elite athletes accomplished astounding things: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Shaun White, Andre Agassi, John Force, Rafa Nadal (13 French Open Tennis Titles!). They all have a powerful mindset that fuels their success. And I’ve translated what these athletes do so you can apply it to your business, career and life.

If you know you’ve got to step up—to do more, serve in a bigger way that will bring transformation not only to you, but to others you know, to the planet…

I want to help you turn your vision into what you wake up and see every day.

Before I jump, I have to banish any seed of doubt or I’ll get hurt.”

Shaun White, Snow/Skate Boarder/Olympian

Let’s make it YOUR Reality

Whether your DREAM is to: 

  • Contribute to or start a cause to create more unity or peace
  • Start a non-profit to help those who need you and your idea
  • Quit your day job and start a new business your feel passionate about
  • Move into that dream home on 5 acres, buy that amazing vacation condo in Maui, go on that Safari or other dream vacation
  • Prepare yourself for a game-changer transition in your career or into retirement
  • Write that book that keeps calling to you
  • To slow down, improve your health, be more present and create more freedom in life…

There are NO LIMITS!
What will YOUR rapid life-changing results be?


This experience gives you access to my coaching, MasterMind expertise, resources and connections along with an exclusive group of like-minded successful people who will inspire you to achieve incredible new heights in your own life. And embrace what you want you need to shift to reach the results you desire.

We’ll meet monthly to check on your progress, align and adjust your mindset, and collaborate as a group to brainstorm on ideas, resources and the boost you need to keep moving forward. This provides the fast-track to reaching your goals. And it’s all done virtually.

By keeping the group small, we ensure you’ll get personal time you need to ask for the support you need.

I’ve had so many clients tell me how much they appreciate the intimacy and safety that I create in my small groups. It makes them feel comfortable to engage and participate—and that’s important to me.

There’s more…the wonderful benefit of participating in a powerful MasterMind group like this is you’ll get to know other high-achievers that have resources and connections that will enhance your life and your journey. Connections you’ll likely have for life. It’s a beautiful thing to experience.

What could you do in six months with a powerful group of like-minded people who are committed to your success?

Your Brain Chemistry is Key!

Brain chemistry contributes to your mindset and getting the results you desire. I’ve done extensive research into health, nutrition and brain chemistry (all contributors to mindset) that are integrated with my private coaching to assist clients in reaching peak performance as they work on their biggest goals. Nutrition is how we build the foundation to success. This is something very unique that you’ll have access to as part of this program.

Our sessions begin in January

This powerful program will begin with a half-day kickoff session. We’ll focus on getting you crystal clear what you want to accomplish by June 2021, and identify the steps you need to take to achieve it. You’ll get to know other members of the group during this session that will help you get better results, faster.

Our MasterMind Kickoff will be January 13, from 12 to 3 pm MT

January to June 2021

1 – Monthly MasterMind Sessions

Each month, we’ll meet virtually for our powerful MasterMind sessions for two-hours. You’ll get your personal “spot” to share your progress, ask for support and get the personal coaching, group brainstorming, and accelerated problem-solving you need to keep you moving forward on your vision.

MasterMind meetings will be held on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

2 – Brain Chemistry (Fuel) Assessment (Boost Your Brain Power)

Sleep like a baby, reduce stress, improve mood, attitude, energy, motivation, reduce cravings, respond vs. react

We’ll do a Brain Chemistry Assessment with me to ensure you’re ready to perform on all cylinders. It’s critical to set the foundation for your path to BIG success, by starting with your brain. After the adjustments, stress and confusion in 2020 we may find that your brain is depleted. This impacts your emotional state, resolve and responses to go BIG.

3 – Monthly Support and Q&A Call

Every month I’ll offer a 60-minute Q&A where you can drop by and ask for input on your obstacles and challenges between monthly MasterMind calls to keep your moving forward on your progress.

4 – Personal Coaching Sessions for YOU

You’ll have four (4) personal one-on-one sessions you can schedule with me any time during your six-month program.

5 – Bonus…

In addition, I have a few special guests who will be stopping by to share industry expertise, and inspiration for the road to success.

While I do love hosting my MasterMind Events and Retreats in person—the benefit of meeting virtually is there are no travel costs, or time to travel required. Whew! That’s a benefit.

This is Proven.

This is Powerful.

This is a TOTAL Game-Changer.

A few examples of what my private clients created:

Helped me become a better C-level executive & improve my voice
It has been an amazing year working with Lori as my Executive Performance Coach. Not only has she improved my abilities to be a better C-level executive, she provided insight on how to be better balanced in all areas of my life.

— Susan Harkin, Chief Operating Officer, District 300

Discovered myself and my potential
Lori assisted me in the process of discovering who I really am, and working to my highest potential. Since beginning my work with Lori my income has increased 30%, I have realized travel and adventure goals, and feel each day totally fulfilled with joy and happiness. I now know using my belief system, coupled with leveraging tools Lori introduced me to, anything is possible.

— Christine, Business Leader

Business Owner, started my business, exceeded goals—bought a home in six months
Just put a contract in for a home for me and the children with a closing date of December 15 by 3:30 PM. Offer was accepted and I am under contract my friend. I don’t know the feeling I can really describe in this moment but every goal that you set with me I have hit and exceeded this year and now my big final goal will be complete December 15 at 2 pm! Thank you for your support, thank you for your wisdom, thank you for believing in me, and thank you for pushing me to be the best version of myself.

— Brandy Harris, Entrepreneur 
She has her own shop now which she set a goal to do when she was coaching with me.

Helped me face my fears, improve my health and get promoted
Lori is a genuine and instinctive coach and she has changed my life! I engaged Lori as a coach and over the course of 9 months, I de-cluttered my life, dropped almost 6% body fat and have been promoted at work. She gives you the courage to face your fears and beliefs so you can move past them on your way to your goals. I am also proud to say she is a friend.

— Rachael, Vice President, Wife, Mom

‘The difference between dreaming big and achieving big is having the right people in your corner.’

Jack Canfield, Co-Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul

About Lori, The Success Whisperer

In case you don’t know me. I’m passionate about personal development, mindset, health and success. It all started with Disney’s Pollyanna—at a young age, I liked the way it felt to have a positive attitude and make other people feel good. That led to a lifetime of research and study on mindset, attitudes, beliefs and an incredible personal come-back success story.

I had a 30-year corporate history in technology sales, leadership and consulting; integrated with my years as an executive coach provide an inspirational collection of insights and success stories your audience will relate to and enjoy.

Jack Canfield made such an impact in my life back in 1996 after my divorce from an abusive marriage—that I requested—and received—his endorsement on my first book. I’ve used his Success Principles for years and my clients have also benefited from my study of Jack’s work. Then I became a certified trainer with Jack’s Success Principles.

This may not be for you…

Is this your time? I’m extending this offer to motivated individuals that will show up, take action on ideas from the monthly sessions, do their homework and stay focused on their goals. I’m looking for those special individuals who know they have more to give, room to grow and are ready to create transformation in their lives.

Before you is an opportunity to do, be and create something incredibly special—this is an exclusive journey to reach your most exciting, scary and most rewarding goals—with 7 other like-minded incredible souls.

Your commitment is not only to yourself, but also to contribute and actively engage with the other 7 members in your group—to help them reach their BIG goals.

If you’re new to goal setting, understanding your mindset, visualizing and going after what you want, then coaching with me one-on-one is better for you.

If you know what being success feels like, the benefits of the growth it brings and are ready—to take a quantum leap, this was designed for YOU.

• If you’re ready to make a 6-month commitment to do something amazing…
• If you’re ready to take a quantum leap and create the future you want (after 2020)
• If you know it’s time to step up because you can no longer settle for where you are…
• If you’re ready to double or triple your income
• If you want to improve the lives of others, or the planet, or create more unity….

People and businesses are transforming now…
implementing innovative ideas to create success in 2021

Will you be one of them?

“Why would I think about missing a shot I haven’t taken?”
— Michael Jordan

It’s time to take COURAGEOUS Action….

Packed with Value and Benefits for You:
1 – Exclusive, small group access
2 – Six (6)-Monthly MasterMind Coaching Sessions
3 – Six (6)-Monthly Q&A Sessions
4 – Four (4)-Private one-on-one Coaching Sessions
5 – Nutritional Assessment – Boost Your BRAIN Power
6 – Special Guest Speakers/Experts
7 – Access to Mindset CHI to Your Future Webinar
8 – Access to 3 Steps to Create Comfortable Cash Flow Webinar
Total Package Value: $14,297

Your investment in this exclusive, private MasterMind Rapid Results Activator is $9,997.

2020 Year-End Offer
Save $1000 by taking ACTION Now
Only $8,997 for life-changing experience
expires December 31st

Coaching with me privately for six-months starts at $15,000.
This is a created so you can easily say let’s do this!
Monthly payment plans are available.

Yes, Lori, I want to be considered as one of the 8 committed people to participate in your private MasterMind Rapid Results Activator from January – June 2021.

Receive a BONUS 30-Minute Coaching Session with Lori
when you enroll before December 31st.

QUESTIONS? Email Ellen@LoriHansonIntl.com