Lori believes that nutrition is the foundation of success. That’s why she includes nutritional coaching with all of her programs, to help you create a solid foundation that support you in maximizing your results in business and life.

Whether it’s her herbal colon cleanse, using natural amino acids to balance your brain chemistry, eliminating candida overgrowth or just learning how to adopt a healthier nutritional lifestyle.

Combining amino acid therapy with whole foods and herbal supplements Lori’s unique protocols and programs will give you the boost you need to function at your optimum level and thrive in your business and life!

Lori’s nutritional studies include amino acid therapy training with Julia Ross and working with Dr. Tim Kuss, pioneers in the nutritional therapy field. In addition to many years of research and personal experience as a weight lifter focused on exercise and nutrition.

Lori’s Programs Include

Herbal Colon Cleanse

A 28-day cleanse with a unique and powerful approach created by Lori, to remove “brain fog,” improve sluggish energy, reduce cravings and bloat, and drop a few pounds in the process.

– This is a whole food plan (not liquid)
– This is not a diet. Includes herbal supplements
– This will help you develop a healthy nutritional practice and plan you use even after the cleanse
– Includes weekly coaching and monitoring

The level of health or disease you have originates in the colon.

Schedule an appointment to start your herbal colon cleanse today, and give your health and immune system a BIG boost.

Balancing Your Brain Chemistry

– Feeling emotionally drained and oversensitive?
– Suffering from insomnia, or the need to be in control?
– Are you just plain wiped out?

Lori integrates amino acid therapy as part of her coaching practice. In order to perform at your best, your brain chemistry needs to be in balance.

By starting with balance in chemistry, clients are amazed at how different they feel, how rapidly cravings go away and how much easier it is to focus.

  • Use amino acid therapy to boost and balance your brain and feel “human” again
  • Improve your moods by refueling your brain (a depleted brain doesn’t function as expected)
  • Sync your brain and body chemistry for maximum performance

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