Performance Coaching

Sharpening Your Competitive Edge for SUCCESS

In the current business climate Performance Coaching is not a luxury, it is critical to maintaining your competitive edge. Companies are downsizing and looking for ways to be agile and innovative in order to respond quickly to changes in this market.

A strong leader understands the importance of having a mindset and accountability coach who complements their strengths, provides insight and guidance on blind spots and helps to break through barriers that keep them from reaching their desired levels of success both personally and in business.

Are your business and personal life aligned with WHERE and WHO you want to be?

I’ve long been fascinated by the minds of elite athletes and what drives them to astonishing success—my coaching integrates these keys to success. I’ve translated them for the “non-athlete” professional sales leaders to rise above, defy limits, and be their BEST.

I’m in the miracle business…

That probably sounds goofy to you because you don’t think about how you can improve your life every day—but I do. Shifting your beliefs from impossible to unstoppable? Reaching the level of success you desire—that is a miracle!

Every wonder what the most successful sales leaders in the world have? A Coach.

I’ve helped clients develop business and life strategies, become better leaders, define their legacy, set and exceed goals, consistently exceed quotas, start a new business, reduce stress levels, create more balance, navigate toxic work environments, create sales and marketing plans, get promoted, and improve relationships: work, personal and with the SELF.

It is a Commitment.

Making the decision to change your circumstances, and improve the trajectory/quality of your life and business is a choice. Performance Coaching with me is a commitment. You need skin in the game and a willingness to explore what unstoppable success means to you…

Are you ready to shift gears from what feels impossible…and create a life you live on your terms?

I’m not going to attempt to tell you what I do. I want you to experience it.

“Lori provided sessions to dig into barriers in various areas of my life that prevented me from reaching my full potential. Not only has she improved my abilities to be a better C-level executive, she provided insight on how to be more balanced in all areas of my life.’

—Susan Harkin, Chief Operating Officer, School District 300

Lori assisted me in the process of discovering who I really am, and working to my highest potential. Since beginning my work with Lori my income has increased 30%, I have realized travel and adventure goals, and feel each day totally fulfilled with joy and happiness. I now know using my belief system, coupled with leveraging tools Lori introduced me to, anything is possible.
—Christine, Business Leader

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