Group Business Coaching

C.H.I. to Success
Group Business Coaching with BIG Results

  • Are you feeling stuck, missing clarity on what comes next, or have a BIG goal or dream you want to pursue?
  • Are you interested in coaching with a small (less intimidating) group?
  • Do you have an interest in coaching, but not sure where you will find the time?

I created this special group as a way to connect with more business leaders and executives. When time is limited, or you’re new to the idea of coaching this small group business coaching is a powerful way to work with me and experience the benefits of Success powered by your Core “Chi” energy center. – Lori, The Success Whisperer

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What is Lori’s C.H.I. to Success?

  • Collaborative (small group discussions, sharing and input)
  • Heart-centered (inspired action and accountability)
  • Intention focused (staying aligned with your purpose, and engaging your power)

What is Chi Energy?

In Chinese culture, chi is the natural energy of the universe. It flows through everything… Chi, (Qi or Ki) is the energy of life itself, a balance of Yin and Yang, positive and negative, electromagnetic energy which flows through everything in creation. In living beings, energy flows not only from physical nourishment, but through the body in pathways known as meridians and in energy centers called chakras.

All Chi to Success Coaching Clients are personally selected by Lori

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The ideas I got from other members in the program, helped me turn the dreaded basement clean up into a family project complete with sorting, a prosperous garage sale and newly designed space we now all enjoy. — Rachael, Executive, Wife, Mom


The thing I found on the Mastermind calls is that I’m not alone, other clients are struggling with their kids, employees, spouses, schedules and more—just like me. And it helps to know I’m not alone.
Jean, Executive, Wife, Mom